What Inspires you?

I am inspired by the lāhui.

In them, I see the future of my children and hear the voice of our ancestors.

I feel the praise of our Islandʻs beauty and the pain of the abuse suffered. Both are passionate, raging warmth, and coldly stern, all at the same time.

I find tears of compassion mixed with those of gratitude. They feel like the warmth of my fatherʻs hands and the love in my motherʻs eyes.

Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian. Native Hawaiian and native Hawaiian. No matter your race, demographic or age, if you live in Hawaii you share the same responsibilities I do.


Hoʻokahua Waiwai.


Mauli Ola.



Governance, economic self sufficiency, education, health, culture, land and water…these things touch us all equally.

So today, I am inspired by the lāhuiʻs ability to not just do more, but to be more.

What inspires you?
#HI000 #bethechange

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