We Are Not Alone

“One of the pivotal moments that I remember is when we had a retreat for our partner organizations in CHSS. It was hosted by one of our members, Auliʻi with Laʻakea healing services.

We were able to reflect on some of the work that we’ve been doing in the community. A couple of the partners shared about how difficult, sometimes, this work can be. One of our partners was able to share, and said that if she didn’t have relationships that she had because of CHSS (specifically other orgs who share the same passion as her), she wouldn’t be able to keep serving her community.

And what I saw there is a validation that sometimes, the work that we do, we feel like we’re alone. But it validated the fact that this is a work that is shared. And the dream of being able to see healthier and safer communities is a shared vision amongst all of our partners.

The direct results, that I believe I’ve seen and witnessed at CHSS is the connection that’s been made. Together we are really growing and strengthening our relationships, and recognizing that we all do different work, but are under the same mission of creating safer and healthier communities.”

CHSS, the Consortium of Health Safety and Support
(a partnership between multiple organizations and non-profits on the West Side of Oahu, dedicated to seeing violence free communities, especially in the areas of Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence)

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