“Thereʻs still so much to learn…”

This week’s Motivation Monday is with Eric Keawe, a Native Hawaiian Practitioner as he talks about the creation of his kuʻi kalo (taro pounder).

“I’m working on my ku’i kalo so things that go through my mind or work out some power- mana (spiritual power). I used to work with instruments that were not not as simple as these. But I just think about our kupuna (ancestors) and the hard work that they had to go through in making these implements to make food.

You don’t just go out to a river and pick-up a rock, but you have to go in and you have to pray. And normally when you prepare yourselves for these types of situations, your pōhaku (rock) will pick you- it will actually call to you.

I’m enjoying the opportunity to learn this because I’ve never had the opportunity, neither do we have teachers that are willing to, to teach. Whereas we have the opportunity in our, in my community, a kumu (teacher) because he’s right there in our community center.“

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