The Legend

“One of the legends we heard was when Hina gave birth to Moloka’i, she walked along her Southern shore and everywhere she touched, fresh water sprung forth.

Being at fishponds, you come to understand that this fishpond is a brackish water environment. Most, if not all of the 68+ fishponds that are on the Southern shore of Molokai have springs, because you don’t see rivers emptying out here.

This legend, we wanted to chase the legend, go see if the thing is true. So a lot of times we stay by the shoreline, cruising , kicking back, and to some people that may seem like, “Uh…you guys not doing nothing.” Negative, Hawaiian! We’re experts at observation.

Anyway, we saw one trickling stream of water and instantly the mind went to the legend, and we tried to dig it out, and sure enough we found the spring. We started to realize that this is the evidence of the legend. When we went to school, they said all of this stuff was myth and fantasy – just stories.

Now I’m coming to realize that all of this is more real, more valid than most of we learned in school. This thing might even be more important. Remember this is mo’olelo that came over millennia and they were able to reach our ear.

If it was that important, it’s gotta be based somewhat in truth. So this (and the punawai you swim in) is the evidence that get some mo’olelo, get some legends that is true.”


Hanohano Naehu, kia’i loko of Keawanui
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