HI000 + The Body Language Expert

This week’s Spotlight Sunday is with RB Kelly Body Language Expert: Speaker and Coach on Nonverbal Skills

“We live in a world that is so full of information and stories, both good and bad, that it’s easy to get jaded. When you turn on the news, you hear so much of the bad. In light of that, I turn to everyday people for inspiration.

I am inspired by the man on my street who, every week, secretly pushes my garbage can back to its place next to my house after the garbage truck comes by. I’ve never seen him do it, but every week, he does. I am inspired by people who look you in the eye and ask how you are doing– and mean it!

Genuine acts of selflessness and kindness cut through the jadedness right to the core of me, and inspire me to go out and give, and keep giving.”

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