Takeaway Tuesday with White Wahine

This weeks #TakeawayTuesday is presented by Ingrid Hisatake and her business Facebook Page, White Wahine.

Something that Ingrid does very well is consistently post on her business page. In the picture above you’ll see back to back posts of quotes- clearly something Ingrid finds to be powerful. By consistently posting these quotes she is effectively doing two things.

  1. She is establishing a track-able brand presence. By posting everyday she is insuring that people frequently see her business page. This is important because the more often people see you, the more often they’ll remember you.
  2. She is sharing something she finds to be important. If it’s not obvious, Ingrid puts value in quotes. By posting these quotes consistently she is drawing to her people that value quotes as well. This is powerful because this gives people another reason to be drawn to her business.

You should think about posting something you value consistently. You’ll be surprised by the people you attract!
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