Takeaway Tuesday with RB Kelly, Body Language Expert

This week’s Takeaway Tuesday is all about using catchy hashtags, courtesy of RB Kelly and her business Instagram page, @therbkelly.

First, let’s talk about what a hashtag is. A hashtag or #, is a tool that allows social media users to search for posts. Classic examples include #MotivationMonday #HumpDay #RelationshipGoals or #ItsFriday. (Fun Tip: try typing these into the search bar of Facebook of Instagram and see what comes up!)

Hashtags are helpful because it allows people who don’t follow you to still see your posts in their searches.

If you look through RB’s pictures on Instagram, you’ll see that all of her posts have a ton of hashtags. What this does is expand the number of people who can see her content and pictures that she posts.

The next time you hit “post”, add in a hashtag. You never know who will see what you share!

#TakeawayTuesday #HI000 #SocialMediaAgency

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