I look for a connection…

This week’s Motivation Monday is on Stuart Holloway and the importance of connection.

“I feel a connection, that family type connection. I feel a harmony with my students not because we think the same way but because we work with each other in harmony and we work with each other with the intention of making each other better. They ask questions. They work for answers. They research and study all the time so that I can have answers and have things to offer that even without their questions, I look for things and help with lifestyle change and have maintenance on a regular basis, both in and out of Chinese traditional medicine where qigong and tai chi reside.

I look for connections between east and west in terms of healing methods, in terms of exercise practices. It must be experienced in order to truly understand it. It’s a word but it’s more than a word. It’s an experience, it’s a, it’s a feeling but it’s more than a feeling, it’s a connection of oneself and one’s own healing process, one’s own integration process between mind, body, and emotions.

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