HI000 + Stuart Holloway

This week’s Spotlight Sunday is on Stuart Holloway, owner of Energy Center LLC.

“I teach qigong and tai chi, international martial arts, and other related practices.

My interest in martial arts guided me towards tai chi and qigong came along because I had never heard of qigong until I started studying tai chi.  After about a year and a half of studying and becoming certified to teach qigong, I decided to start a company and start teaching.    

[I started my own business because] the individual nature of what I teach and the fact that no dojo would’ve helped me develop and grow in terms of the directions of my style. I could go anywhere with my business. So I was flexible and available to do it my own way.

I would say the [most important part of my business] is the connection that I have between myself and the students, myself and the other teachers, myself and the learning process but primarily it’s the students because without them, I don’t have a mandate to go forward. They make my classes, some of my relationship with the students is an extremely an important facet.”

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