Setup A System to Support Your Passion

“A lot of our clients are artists, aspirers, people who are passionate about the things they do. That’s where they really feel like they’re being their true self. They don’t like sitting behind a desk at a computer, trying to organize spreadsheets, and file paperwork or take notes on eight different task lists. That feels wrong for them, or stressful and I think for that reason a lot of them put systems off.

But we come in and help them see the people, processes and platforms (technology) that they can incorporate into their lives to simplify the hustle. Because we believe when you’re putting yourself out there, when your message is being heard and received, when you’re making sales and you have revenue coming in, THAT’S a huge confidence booster.

All of those things are what makes the rest of the hustle and grind of entrepreneurship worth it.

So to me, if you can set up systems that support all of the hustle, the hard stuff, the sweaty stuff, etc., the more hands on that you have that deck, the better. That’s the beauty and magic of a business when its built right. It supports you (not the other way around).”

-Sarah Paikai, Founder and CEO of Dominate Your Systems 

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