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This week’s #TakeawayTuesday is courtesy of My Go Center. Before our interview with them, we took a look at their Facebook business page and saw that they consistently share articles and resources for business owners in their posts. Their General Manager explained it’s his passion to serve the business community of Hawaii.

He says, “I actually used to operate one of the largest executive suites of coworking space providers in the world. They had over 3000 locations and I’ve consulted hundreds of clients in dozens of industries. Now I like to use that experience to give real, local results to our clients. At My Go Center, we have digital marketers, people who do payroll / accounting, network marketers, real estate brokers, a video media production company, and many more who use this space.

I know the foundational value a center like this could bring to the business community of Hawaii. We are like the dirt to plant the seed, so they can sprout and grow. I’m excited to be a part of this journey and to help the local business here in Hawaii to grow.”

Our takeaway? When sharing on your business feeds, be sure to look for and promote resources that #addvalue to your customers and clients.

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