“What really drives me is…”

Today for #MotivationMonday, we sat down with life coach and HPD officer Kaipo Paiva.


He shares, “What really drives me is that the world really can be a better place. I’m tired of the world we live in  – I’m just really tired of all the anger and the hate you see on TV. People deserve to be happy. And I think there’s a way for everyone to get what they want in life. It’s an abundant mindset that there is enough for everybody.


“And so you get rid of that scarcity mindset where there’s not enough, or ‘I need to get hold of what I can’, or ‘Somebody’s going to take things it from me’. And I can change the mindset to, ‘I’ve got more than enough, and everything I need to be happy. If you need something, let me help you.’


If I can first have these kids that I work with pursue their dreams instead of trying to figure out what they can do to hustle or scam or steal or rip somebody off…when I get them to focus on their dreams instead, it makes all the difference.”

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