HI000 + Coach Kaipo Paiva

It’s #SpotlightSunday with HI000 Social Media Agency. This week we’re featuring Kaipo Paiva, a life coach who is also an officer with the Honolulu Police Department.

Kaipo shared his unique story with us and what he does in the Hawaii community. “I’ve been a police officer for 17 years. I was in patrol for eight years, and my current assignment now is the community police precinct. Community policing is very different from traditional policing – it’s more about prevention and intervention. 80% of my work is mentoring kids in the Oahu community. For example, I’m with a 6th grade class throughout the whole year. I teach them about juvenile laws, and how laws can actually keep us safe.

I teach the kids how to meet people, like simple, ‘Hi, hello, my name is so and so. What’s your name? It’s nice to meet you,’ and a regular handshake. You’ll be surprised how many of these kids have never been taught that. The whole purpose of the program is to build relationships with the kids and helping the see that they can make whatever choices they want, but the results they get are results that they created.”


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