Just a Little Courage

“Sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to do the things that feel right to your gut instinct, instead of doing the things that you ‘ought to do’.

You might look at somebody’s social media platform and think, ‘I ought to have as many followers as them.’ Or, ‘I ought to use this particular app because, it has the most reviews with five stars is so much more professional looking than, my regular stuff.’

And, yes, may those things are true. But if right now you’re not ready for that, or it doesn’t feel right to you, I don’t care how much you set it up, you’re not actually going to end up doing it. You’re going to sit down, you’re gonna feel resistance, you’re gonna feel confused, you’re gonna feel like, ‘Oh, I need a coach or another program teach me, or more time, or more capital, blah blah blah.’

What you really need is courage. You just need to be able to get up and say, ‘Okay, I can do this because my message is important and I feel good about sharing this message.’ Done.

Sometimes it’s as simple as having someone tell you, ‘I give you permission to do what works. So go do something.'”

-Sarah Paikai, founder and CEO of Dominate Your Systems 

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