It’s great to work with people that you can trust…

We love the inspiration behind The Reception with owner Jez Quiocho Feria.

In our interview he shared, “It’s great to work with people that you can trust, especially if you’re looking for a way to network. For myself, we have the connections, we know our vendors really well, and because we work with them a lot, we know the right services our customers need. It’s important that our customers get hooked up with the right vendor.

When it comes to our partnerships with our vendors, we want to promote them, to support their local small businesses. We promote them heavily on social media market. We’re gonna do some workshops here and there. We also have a newsletter every quarter, and a website as well. We’re just trying to help promote and market our ohana of vendors and give them business too.”

Local businesses promoting other local businesses? Sounds like an inspiring win all the way around! 😉

#SupportLocal #Inspiration

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