It’s Good Action

“When I do weddings they take all day, I don’t book more than one wedding a day because it just takes so much time and effort. I want to pick their brain on what kind of music they want and don’t want.

GAME works a lot of community events as well.  I’ve done things like the Lemonade Alley. What they do is, it’s a good non-profit organization that help kids develop business skills. They asked me to do one of their events and supply a sound system, so I provided microphones and two small speakers to communicate their message across through the group. That was pretty neat, that was pretty fun.

I’ve done things like the YMCA – they asked me to do their Zumbathon to raise money for the Y, and I provided a sound system and DJ service for those guys. I think that’s pretty cool.

I’ve done things for the Ewa Beach CBDO, their Ho’ike. I believe in our future, I believe in our kids, I believe in our people, that’s why I have the company name called Good Action, it’s Good Action Mobile Entertainment and that’s what we do, Good Action.”

Curtis Bolosan-Yee of Good Action Mobile Entertainment

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