Inspired by Makahiki

“A really wonderful celebration that still happens on Molokaʻi til today from ancient times is a celebration of Makahiki games.

During the time of Makahiki it’s a time of peace, so no warfare happened during that time. But games were played to mimic the movements, tactics, and strategies that were used for one-on-one battle. The kids, the moms, the dads, everybody participated in these wonderful Makahiki games, and Molokai still does that annually. Every year it’s huge – it’s a wonderful, wonderful celebration in Hawaiian tradition.

Makahiki takes up about half of the year and it’s the rainy season, the wet season, the time when the land is most fertile and abundant with life.

So when I designed my Makahiki line I thought, ‘I have to use the best if we’re talking about Makahiki and this wonderful time of celebration.’

A’ahu is a shawl, any type of shawl that you drape over your body like a mantle or the way you wear it. So the A’ahu is one infinity piece, but I put it across one shoulder because traditionally A’ahu were often worn that way. It was draped over one shoulder, and there’s feathers all along the bottom, which really accentuates the netting and the flow of it.

She wore it like a vest and I just love that because it felt like wings, it was just beautiful.”

Tanya Naehu, fashion designer and founder of @Myleialoha

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