Impacting the 21st Century Hawaiian

“I was fine with trudging along and living my life here the way I wanted to – being able to just provide for my family and live a meaningful life in my own eyes. But I feel like this is kind of where I need to be, like this is kind of a calling in a sense, and I really just wanna let everyone know that there is a hope.

There’s a lot of hope.

If you look at the people who are coming up now, the leaders of our generation, and the leaders that we are grooming to take the next step for us…there are a lot of bright, young Hawaiian people out there. Young kanaka who are wanting to make a change.

That alone tells you that there’s a shift, there’s something that is stirring. For those of you who feel like there’s no hope, there is hope. There is hope that we can…and I hate to say it…rebel against the system.

We can be the agent of change. We can be the change that we want to see not only for our future generations, but for OUR generation, THIS generation. We can see these things happen in our day and age.”

-Landen Paikai on Paikai for OHA

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