I want people to feel…

Our #MotivationMonday today is courtesy of My Go Center. In our interview with them, the visionary of this establishment shared about what inspires his work.

“It’s important for entrepreneurs and professionals to have resources available. I’ve been running and starting businesses for most of my life, and if I had resources like this early on, it would have helped me further some of my businesses.  If I could have been at one place and able to meet like-minded people, it would have been very valuable.

I want people to feel inspired to chase after whatever their dream is. And I want people to feel supported knowing that no matter what it is they need to accomplish, that there is a team and a place where they can do that.

When you go to a coffee shop to work, you spend 50% of your time looking for a table. The other 50% you spend trying to hear the people you’re talking to. So the comfort levels are extremely bad. In sales, you’re taught to control your environment. If you wanna have the most effective sale, you want to be able to lead the conversation, and a space like that doesn’t work in your favor (for you or for the person that you’re dealing with).

As a team, we’re happy to come to work everyday. We’re always eager to find out who’s gonna come through our door so we can talk to them and see how we can help them with their business.”

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