“I love being able to…”

It’s #MotivationMonday HI000 style with Teri Watanabe and Naturally Plus USA. Teri shares about two things that motivate her to keep going in her business: helping others and amazing products. Something HI000 definitely shares as well! 👊

Terri shares, “I love being able to help people get healthier!

As I get older, I notice people around are getting sick so now I’m able to offer something to them instead of wishing there was something I could do!

In 2007, my company came out with their 2nd product, Izumio Hydrogenized Water, and it’s like “miracle” water in a pouch. It’s safe, non-toxic, a great antioxidant and the concentration of hydrogen to help heal the body from oxidative stress (which causes your body to age and have chronic diseases). I give Izumio to my children as well.

People don’t realize how important their health is until they are really sick and trying to fix it. I’ve learned to be preventative and don’t wait until something serious happens with my health before I take action. I have young children and I want take care of them and not the other way around.”

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