“I am inspired by…”

“I am inspired by the people around me who have influenced my life.

I had a lot of great teachers like Tabata Sensei, my martial arts instructor in Aikido. He fought in the second world war in the 442nd and came home to the states to work in insurance. He was strict with all of us, but never cruel.  He taught me, “If you have enough strength to complain, then you have enough strength to try again”.
My father, Ian Harris, worked hard and showed through example how it is better to put in the effort for something to ensure that you get it, rather than hope for good fortune. He also taught selflessness and forethought as he was diagnosed with cancer the year I was born. He was given six years to live. He never told us and lived each year to it’s fullest, giving us a childhood full of travel and family experiences. He also set up his finances and even mapped out how to pay for our college education years in advance so we would never be left wanting. He lived sixteen years, a full decade more than first thought. From him I would like to give the most credit and love to for all that he did for myself and for my brother and sister.”

Aric Yuji Harris, author of Education Beyond High School

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