“I am inspired by…”

It’s #MotivationMonday HI000 style courtesy of Kylie Kumalae, Transformational Coach. She shared with us what inspires her to keep building her local business here in Hawaii.

“I am inspired by people who have overcome hardship and have become successful. When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut, so that I would be history book famous, not just media famous. I still have that dream, but for a less self-serving cause. I want to be known, so that I can help others. If they don’t know I exist, how can I have an impact on their lives?

My defining moment for this career path was when I got my diagnosis for adrenal fatigue. I had to change my entire lifestyle to get healthy again. What I learned was that old patterns that I had clung to, such as being a workaholic and perfectionist, were the root cause to my health issues. Once I allowed myself to relax and enjoy life, it actually cleared up my health issues.

While on this journey, I found myself again. The girl who has a voice, who has a light to shine. And its my mission to help others on that path too. God never created us to play small, we all have a special gift to share with the world. And I want to unlock that gift in others.“

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