How It All Started

“When my brothers friends used to set up their equipment over at my house and they took everything apart because they didn’t want me to touch it, then when they left and went wherever they went, I plugged everything in. ‘Cause I watched them, and I figured, you take it out from that spot, you put it back in that spot.

So I started playing with turntables. I didn’t understand the concept of BPMs (beats per minute), so my mixing was all over the place, you know, sloppy – it didn’t match. But one day my brother’s friend, Sam, came to my house and had to pick up his jacket, and he saw me messing around with it.

And he didn’t get upset. He actually took me aside and talked to me, and explained to me all the nuances of DJ-ing and how to become a DJ. Between him and I, we worked undercover because my big brother didn’t want me to be cooler than him, right, so we did it undercover.

They were doing a Foothill dance, it’s a Junior College up in the Mainland, so I asked my brother, ‘Can I go?’ He invited me to go, and we went and then Sam, he decided that night, ‘Why don’t you jump on? When I tell you jump on, just jump on.’

He put me on, next thing you know as an eighth grader, I got college kids to dance. And that’s how I feel in love with DJing.”

Curtis Bolosan-Yee of Good Action Mobile Entertainment

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