HI000 + Teri Watanabe

This week’s Sunday Spotlight is on Teri Watanabe with Naturally Plus USA.

We met Teri at a local networking event, and loved her kind and genuine heart. She shared with us her story of how she became a small business owner, and we were really inspired by her passion for her products.

Here she shares a little bit about her journey and what she’s found:

“I have a customer service background and worked for a telecommunications company for 13 years until I was laid off in 2013. I was blessed to stay at home and be with my kids, and then my youngest went to school full time in 2015 so I decided I was going to look for a job.

I stumbled onto this business venture at a Women’s Expo. It was the Izumio Hydrogenized Water. It helped my 9 year old daughter’s rash on her face clear up completely!

I went to the seminar and found out it was a business I could do from home, so I signed up and here I am! This company started in Japan in 1999 and sold one product called Super Lutein which is multi-carotenoid broad spectrum vitamin supplement formulated for the eyes and overall health. It helps people with cataracts, glaucoma, eye floaters, and so much more…from the top of your head down to your toes. There are so many amazing local testimonials and the list keeps growing. It’s all natural, no preservatives, and 100% traceable! Ingredients are FDA approved too.

I am so inspired by women that do it all. Women that balance family, friends, career/ business and household. I love working from home and help others.”

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