HI000 + Hoola

“I love music. It helps me to express what I maybe can’t normally say in regular communication. When I want to portray a message through a song, sometimes that reaches the heart of people a little faster.

I teach a class with a fusion of Hawaiian Cultural Arts and vocal techniques using Hawaiian music. From the history of the ukulele to the names of different parts and chord progressions, It’s really fun to see the kids get excited and into learning.

In the vocal portion of class, I teach them how to properly warm up their vocal chords and exercises to stretch and strengthen their vocal chords. We also learn to sing several pieces as a class over the session.

For me, I had someone who sowed into my life and really made it a point to grow my talents and gifts. And that’s why I actually like to do that with the keiki of this community (of any community in Hawaii, really) to instill in them that they are able to use the gifts that they’ve been blessed with.”

– Kumu Kauionalani Mead of Hoʻola Music

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