HI000 + Aloha Unveiled with Kylie Ota

This week’s Sunday Spotlight is with Kylie Kumalae, Transformational Coach.

Kylie is a holistic based transformational coach who loves to work with women. She also loves using social media to help grow her business. She shared with us, “I help overachievers eliminate stress and overwhelm so they can feel confident to let their light shine. As a health coach I help people deal with internal stress, such as food allergies or trouble sleeping, while also helping people process external stressors that affect them physiologically.

What I find most often is that people who tend to be overachievers suffer from stress and overwhelm because they don’t set up the proper boundaries in their life that allow them to say No to the things that are escalating the stress, which doesn’t allow the time or space in their lives to say Yes to the good.

I love taking my client through steps that help them to recognize the patterns of the overachiever lifestyle.”

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