“That particular scarf is called Hekili – Hekili means thunder, and the pattern on it reminds me of the stormy season during Makahiki. I added some really great colors, I experimented a lot to see what would look good with print and I found that the reds and the pinks and the turquoise just look gorgeous together.

I don’t know what happened but when she got into that banana patch it felt like everything went into technicolor and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, these colors are amazing!’

The green of the ʻāina, the growth surrounding her, and then she had the red Hekili scarf around her po’o (her head). And I noticed that the banana tree that she was leaning against had red in it! I would have never noticed that, but everything just popped out, and just the feel of it was just so perfect.

That was my favorite part of this photoshoot, actually.”

Tanya Naehu, fashion designer and founder of @Myleialoha

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