Good Action Mobile Entertainment

“I’ve been DJing about 24 years. I took some time off, didn’t have the money to continue DJing when I came back to Hawaii, but I noticed that I had the love for music. At the time we didn’t have the kind of equipment we have now. All we had was our sportsmen Sony walkman, the yellow one (do you remember that?) the waterproof one, and we had cassette tapes. And all I did was burn radio DJ mixes off the radio and listen to them.

I like freestyle, I like R&B, I like Hip Hop…I do a lot of EDM kine too, like I can, but right now the way the music scene is going, it’s kind of difficult ’cause the music kinda sounds the same. I don’t want to be the guy that’s stuck in the 90’s or anything like that, but I still progress and I look for underground, or off the chart independent records.

I really like to make people move. I’m like the worst dancer, but I’ll dance behind the turntable, and if I’m standing still and just bobbing my head, I’m not in the flow yet. But when I start busting these latin moves and it looks funny, then I’m having a good time. I like to try and put tracks together to make people move and smile, and I want people high fiving me when they leave the venue or the event.”

Curtis Bolosan-Yee of Good Action Mobile Entertainment

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