“What inspired me to be a business owner was…”

“What inspired me to be a business owner was to take power back in my life. When you work for someone else, there are rules set. It’s their vision, their goal, and you’re helping them literally achieve it by providing their company services. You’re getting them closer to their dreams. I wanted to achieve my goals and my dreams, so by having my own business, I’m able to get to it a lot faster.

“I’m very ambitious. I started working at a young age. But you’re limited when you’re working at a job. Your pay is set for whatever you’re qualified for, or minimum wage. When you own your business, you make your own salary. Being entrepreneurial minded has always kind of been part of my DNA. I’ve never really settled for just doing a 9 – 5 job.

That financial freedom gives you that ability to do other things. You get to travel. You get to spend more time with your family. Leveraging income gets me excited because you know, you plant the seeds, work hard, and it grows.”

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