HI000 + Biyanka Ekmekcioglu

“I’ve been in the fitness industry for about 20+ years now. And I’m basically working with trainers here in Honolulu, mentoring, coaching and helping them with their business.  I’m also working with a supplement company that’s based out in Salt Lake, and I certify personal trainers and educators.

My business basically brings people awareness about their health, letting clients see that there are options based off of technology when it comes to supplementation, food, even your nutrition. I educate bring awareness, and I also provide a resource for coaches. When working with my clients, I want to leave them with an “aha!” moment. I want them to feel like what they just experienced is unique, that they were loved and cared for thorough, that they have a place to go when they need guidance or help their health. I want them to feel special.  My parents had their own business and the reason why my father’s business did so well is because people trust my father’s work and his word. So trust and relationships with my clients are very important to me.

Your health is everything. You can have all the money in the world. If you don’t have your health, it doesn’t matter, does it? And when you don’t know how to get to that place of health, life is short. If you can’t live your full potential, it’s a sad life. I’m able to revitalize that for someone where they can go out and do the things they wanna do, whether it be playing with children, be more active with their families, be more active with their work.”

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