Be You, Be Kū

“In Hawaii, there’s a lot of people who were very active growing up. We grew up very active, we grew up playing sports, or doing this and that, so it’s already instilled within us. Part of the Hawaii culture is to be active.

But now, native Hawaiians lead the obesity rate in Hawaii. You’ve gotta think, ‘Okay, well, somewhere there’s something that got lost.’ Because if you look at all the old ancient writings, when the missionaries came. and their recollections of Native Hawaiian people, they talk about how strong they were, how muscular they were, how fit they were.

When we look at this now, there’s a problem. Why are Native Hawaiians leading the obesity rate in Hawaii? You have all these programs saying, ‘We’re gonna lower the obesity rate,’ but there hasn’t been enough of the change that needs to be done.

For me, I said, ‘We’re gonna do it, and we’re gonna do it strong. We’re gonna do it. Go for it.’

My approach is to get against the status quo, because the status quo didn’t help me, and it didn’t help many others who I find are in the same position as I was.”

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