Be the Change

“For a long time I’ve been one to be behind the camera, and only started to actually come out in front during my political campaign in 2014. That was kind of a segue into the limelight, so to speak.

And I’m continuing to find my voice and find the courage to speak up for people who are hurting, for people who don’t necessarily have a voice, and even people who don’t necessarily wanna be heard, kind of like myself.

I was fine with trudging along, and living my life here the way I wanted to, and being able to just provide for my family and live a meaningful life in my own eyes. But I feel like this is kind of where I need to be…and not only me, but my wife and my family feel like this is almost a calling in a sense.

I really just wanna let everyone know that there is a hope. There is hope out there, and if you wanna be the change, go ahead and be it.”

-Landen Paikai on HI000

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