Agents of Change

“You gotta look within first. I didn’t expect it to go this way – that’s the honest truth.

We got a lot of cards that are stacked against us, but if you continue to play the victim card, you will never move forward. So you gotta get out of that victim mindset, and you gotta get out of that condemnation, and move forward, and move on.

I think that we will become agents of change. We see a lot of it happening with Mauna Kea, we see a lot of it happening with water rights, and everything that’s going on here, now in the present, in 2016.

Very different views, very different fields that we all come from, but there are a few of us who want to join up as a hui and get these things out. Let people know that your voice matters, that these things matter, that although your name might not start with an ‘A’, you still have a chance. You can still get to the point where people will hear you without having to do anything stupid.”

-Landen Paikai

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