About The Kū Project

“The Ku Project is just a simple platform. It started off as a personal blog for myself, but then it turned into a platform where it’s more about fitness, health, and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s catered to people in Hawaii, specifically men in Hawaii. And from there, it’s one of those places where I can just connect with people who are in the community to teach them about how to live healthier, how to become more responsible, and more confident in who they are.

In Hawaii, it’s such a strong family culture, that if you’re not where you’re ‘supposed to be’, you feel like you’re disappointing people like your family, who’s sacrificed a lot for you and had high expectations.

Everyone’s promised, ‘You’re the future generation, you’re gonna change the future.’ You’re built up to believe this, and all of a sudden, it’s not working out for you. So you feel like you’re a failure, which trickles into everything else.”

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