About Mylei

“Up-cycle is when you take something that has either been recycled, or has been pre-used and pre-loved, and you completely make it into something else.

It’s really an artistic process to transform and morph something to something completely different. Often times I explain to people that upcycling is when you upgrade something and you recycle it. So you use it again for another purpose and you made it better because you upgraded it.

About 80% of my pieces are made from upcycled materials, whether they be t-shirts or fabrics. When I dye them, I individually hand dye each one so there really no two pieces that are ever alike, as far as color.

I also individually hand cut every piece. There’s no machinery involved, no electricity involved in the whole process. It allows for that little bit of variation every time I do it so no piece is really the same ever and it makes it special for you. I really see my customer, my clients, as the canvas and my pieces as the paint or whatever it may be to add to the beauty that’s already there.”

-Tanya Naehu, fashion designer and founder of @Myleialoha

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