About Keawanui

“Pretty much boiled down, Aloha ʻĀina is the love for our environment and for nature. Aloha ʻĀina here at Keawanui on Molokaʻi is something that we champion, that we take very serious and that is very close to the core of our being and the essence of our heart.

Keawanui is the only fully functioning Hawaiian fishpond on the planet. We’ve been here since 2000 and we’ve developed, maintained, and have been guardians of what we like to say the Hokuleʻa of fishponds, the first to restart sailing. And one day everybody’s going to have fishponds as there’s so many fishponds on each island.

Since 2011 ‘til now we’ve been sitting on a lot of baby fish and it’s a fishpond that is somewhat working and yet somewhat not, but Keawanui was fully functioning since 2004.

We had a hiccup, the Japan tsunami completely flattened our wall, and it took us one year and four months (with four of us) to restore it, repair it.”

Hanohano Naehu, kia’i loko of Keawanui
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