About CHSS

“The mission of CHSS is to create safer places, safer communities for community members, specifically for the west side, which includes Waipahu and Waianae.

I think CHSS, as a group, creates an atmosphere of hope for the community and for people in general.
Our cooperation [between organizations], impacts the community. We also have the ability to empower individuals, and give those individuals a voice. Especially since some of them are in violent relationships.

Empowering those individuals in turn empowers the community. Its is only then can we move forward and start to defeat the negativity and violence that exists in our world today.”

-CHSS, the Consortium of Healthy Safety and Support
(a partnership between multiple organizations and non-profits on the West Side of Oahu, dedicated to seeing violence free communities, especially in the areas of Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence)

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