A Part of Something Bigger

“When I saw people just working together…

When I saw others coming together to try to do something good for the whole community…

When I went to my first meeting with CHSS and saw the different faces…

It was that moment that I thought to myself that, ‘Hey if they’re doing something, why can I not do something too?’

Before that I wasn’t really involved with this stuff, especially with domestic violence awareness, and all the stuff that is happening around my community. But I should say that the biggest success after joining CHSS for me was to learn about these different types of organizations, and even the different types of violence that’s out there.

That all happened through CHSS.

The talk story group that we had with CHSS had living successes come out of that. It was a way for me to be a part of something bigger.”

CHSS participant
(CHSS, the Consortium of Health Safety and Support, is a partnership between multiple organizations and non-profits on the West Side of Oahu, dedicated to seeing violence free communities, especially in the areas of Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence)

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